A Guide to Tree Planting


Tree planting may be defined as an activity which involves sowing young trees or seedlings. The types of trees can vary from fruit trees to trees such as mulberry, palm and pine, which are great sources of timber. When carrying out a tree planting initiative, the types of trees to be planted will be selected based on the purpose.  Experts recommend that the trees which are planted along a boundary line should also provide shade for the compound.  Fast-growing trees are an excellent choice for almost all environments.

Tree planting exercises are conducted to meet various objectives.  First, many people engage in tree planting activities to fulfill their environmental  conservation duty.  All nations are required to maintain at least ten percent forest cover.  Various leaders have, therefore, spearheaded several tree planting campaigns. Trees play an essential role in any ecosystem. Forest cover keeps air clean by blocking airborne particles including dust and debris.  Trees take up carbon dioxide when they synthesize foods and give off oxygen into the atmosphere.  Trees therefore ensure that the proportions of gases in the atmosphere remain balanced.  When trees store rainfall in their leaves, they help to prevent runoff.  A canopy of trees make tourist destinations and recreational parks more attractive because it provides shade and keeps the area cool.

Salt Lake City Tree Planting is essential in the reclamation process of land which has turned into a swamp or a desert. Land reclamation is commonly defined as restoration of land which has been disturbed. Reclaimed land can then be used productively.  It is common for tree planting exercises to happen at memorial services for people who have made significant contributions to society.   Special days such as the launch of a major project may be marked by a tree planting exercise.

You may be surprised to learn that tree planting exercises are not costly. It’s easy to find a species which thrives in the environment thus reducing the costs of taking care of the growing plant.  In addition, seeds and young trees can be purchased at pocket-friendly rates.   You must also pick a season in which your seedlings will thrive.  You must also learn how to plant each species properly. Depending on its species, a tree may need some unique conditions.

Having your team participate in a Utah Tree Planting activity is a great team-building idea.  One of the best contributions anyone could make to a community is planting trees for them  Giving children the responsibility of taking care of a young plant is a great way to teach them how to care for the environment. For a student, initiating a tree planting drive can be an excellent addition to your resume.


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